1. Jan 8 2009….Friday Night….

    so where to begin… lets see. im just sitting here…well laying, really, on my couch watching the movie Elvis - On Tour on one of the Encore movie channels. I absolutely adore Elvis Presley. wow. the things he accomplished in his life are still to this day absolutely astounding.

    gotta go deliver newspapers with my mom in a couple hours. theres a crap load of snow outside (which i hate). me and cold weather do NOT get along. i just hate winter. the snow, ice, sleet, below freezing temperatures - and its also during this season that there are colds and the flu. its just a gross season. plus i gotta dress in multiple layers and then i waddle like a penguin when i walk - not cute. lol. i just wanna stay here wrapped up in my blanket in front of my heater where its WARM. ugh. but the things i do for my mom, being a good daughter.

    i wish i had an abundance of money cuz i would be on the first plane out of here. i just wanna go do something with my life. i have all this talent and am doing absolutely nothing with it. God gave it to me for a reason. and what am i doin with it? just letting it go to waste which im sure He doesnt appreciate. I wish i had connections out in California that could help a girl out. I know what i WANT to do, i just dont know how to get there and dont have the funds. :-(

    tomorrow is gonna be a long day for me. gotta work 9:30-5:30 at walmart. fun fun (not! lol). its gonna be exhausting but i need the money. gonna go ahead and get off here for now. hope everyone is having a great Friday night….




    So its 2010! Cant believe it! Already! Wow. I’m so excited for a fresh start….a new beginning…. There is so much I wanna accomplish this year. The first thing I’m gonna focus on is getting some much needed surgery done. If you know me, you can probably figure out what surgery this is. I have been wanting to get it done for years, but I havent been able to afford it, and didnt have the insurance to cover it. I’m pretty sure that I can get it done now. We’ll find out! After I have this surgery, then i’m all about losing weight and getting back into shape. Another thing that I’m working on changing is my attitude. I have been in a real funk the last few months, but I’m bound and determined to be happy. I am NOT going to base my happiness on other people. The only person that can determine if I am happy or not is ME. And I will be! Nothing is going to stop me. Well here’s to 2010! Im gonna try my best to do more blogging in the new year also! The ups, the downs….Its gonna be an interesting year! ;-)

  4. Josh Jackson *AND* Cory Monteith. Holy Hotness! ;-)




    Josh Jackson *AND* Cory Monteith. Holy Hotness! ;-)






  5. Uhhh…

    i dont really understand it either. but it looks fun (?????) lol :)


    hahaha I was just saying that. I’m sitting here giggling at my computer because of the mass confusion it’s caused!!



    I love how we all get a Tumblr just cause Blake has one, and now most of us either confused or don’t know what we’re doing, haha.


    if anyone has the slightest clue how to use this thing PLEASE let me know, kthnx?

    Anddd, if you haven’t alreadyy, FOLLOW [Wait. Is that what it’s called on here?] BLAKE LEWIS!


  6. there isnt a saying that is more true than this. ;-)

    there isnt a saying that is more true than this. ;-)

  7. "tell all your friends about http://blakelewisofficial.tumblr.com/ REBLOG and RT Please!"



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